Let's Get Started

You’ve made the decision that you want to become a Greek Resident, so what do you need to do to get started? 


GCI will be with you at every stage for guidance, management and support.


Arrange a meeting with your GCI Representative and bring copies of passport, clear criminal record and personal information for yourself plus family members if needed. 


Select your property investment with GCI and pay a EU$10,000 deposit to secure the property and initiate application process. This deposit is applied to the costs of the residency application and is non refundable..


Apply for a visitor visa for Greece, or any Schengen area country. Plan a date for your visit to Greece. You’ll need to be in Greece for a minimum of 3 days to complete all the residency formalities.


Visit Greece. Your GCI Representative will help to arrange your trip and for the legal and regulatory requirements for the property purchase and visa application.


Open a bank account and deposit funds. Sign property purchase contract, complete biometric requirements for the Golden Visa. Sign power of attorney to progress your application in your absence from Greece.


You can now return home, or continue on holiday in Greece or the EU. GCI and its legal team will take care of the application process, conveyancing and legal work for the property.


Your Residence Permit application will take 30-60 days to complete. GCI will arrange for the collection and delivery of your Residence Permits directly to you.


GCI can manage your affairs in Greece such as maximizing your investment property rental income, act as your tax representative and ensure that renewal of your residence permit is correctly lodged every five years.