Living & Holidays

The prospect of living in Greece is very inviting for many expatriates. It has blue skies, deep blue and turquoise seas, mountains, forests, lakes and friendly people. Greeks pride themselves on their hospitality and love of strangers or foreigners. Greece is a very safe place with little serious crime. Greece also has one of the lowest costs of living in the EU with a very high standard of living.


Greece offers many opportunities for Investors and Entrepreneurs contemplating moving to Greece to live and start an business, especially in the tourism industry. 


There is room for expansion in this sector for infrastructure to make Greece a more popular year-round destination for tourists. Areas of interest include developing integrated resorts and residential real estate, upgraded and new marinas, conference centers, etc.


In recent years, Greece has become a standout performer of the international investment scene. Similar to those of Portugal and Spain, Greece’s Residence program however is widely considered the best value. 

Greece is also a very popular holiday destination and is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. 


With a rustic and delicious cuisine, internationally-renowned island-hopping, and a history that spans nearly the entirety of recorded humanity, there is something for everyone in this great Southern European Nation.